Recognize and celebrate special days this week

INDIANA – Help spread the word today – it’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

It can be hard to imagine that anyone would deliberately want to harm an elderly person, but unfortunately, elder abuse is a widespread problem.

Some instances of elder abuse are intended to exploit the person financially; you’ve probably heard of scams targeting seniors. In other cases, it’s simple negligence: Caregivers don’t provide the basic necessities, like nutritious food, appropriate medication, safety, or assistance with hygiene. If you see something, say something.

Globally we have an aging population, with the number of older people in the world expected to be 1.4 billion by 2030. Research suggests that 4 to 6 percent of the elderly suffer from some kind of abuse, most of which go unreported. This day is to make sure we remain focused on our elders, ensuring they lead a life of high quality and dignity.

Today families are also encouraged to check their kids for nits on National Bug Busting Day — on January 31, June 15, and October 31 — helps reduce the incidence of lice and their potential to spread via classrooms.

Head lice can affect anyone at any age, but these pesky creatures most frequently prey on children between 4 and 11.

Although they’re not particularly dangerous, they certainly cause a lot of irritation and distress. Because you can’t easily spot head-lice eggs, combing wet hair with a special comb lets you catch nits early and remove them before they hatch and make their way to other people. This method avoids harsh insecticides and can help prevent outbreaks in schools.

Ever hear anyone exclaim, “Oh, fudge!” when they’ve screwed something up? Like the Slinky, the Post-It note, potato chips, and penicillin, the dense candy-like treat known as fudge is believed to have been a mistake.

According to legend, a confectioner flubbed while trying to make caramel, but ended up creating something just as tasty. We celebrate this happy accident on Wednesday, June 16, which is National Fudge Day.

Fudge also has historical ties to female scholars in the late 19th and early 20th century, when recipes for it spread like wildfire among students at women’s colleges such as Vassar, Wellesley, and Smith. One student made 30 pounds of the stuff for the Vassar Senior Auction in 1890.

Thursday is Global Garbage Man Day. On this day we honor the garbage man and woman of the world. From collecting our garbage to seeing it through the entire disposal process, the garbage collectors provide their services to the world relentlessly each day.

Even a day’s delay in taking away the garbage can result in inconveniences and the risk of diseases spreading. Thus, garbage collectors and the associated sanitation workers do society a great service by keeping it healthy and clean, day in and day out.

The day also sheds light on the job’s dangers as garbage collecting and disposing of is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world due to things like inhaling odors, chemicals, and broken glass. All of these can lead to serious repercussions.  

The National Dump the Pump Day is Thursday, everyone is encouraged to commute, to forego their cars by using public transportation. The day aims to allow people to save time and money on gas.

Moreover, the day also spreads awareness about the depleting fossil fuel resources. Factors like population growth, urbanization, globalization, and the increased demand/supply issue have led humans to use fossil fuels without thinking about future repercussions. This domino effect has further led to the increase in environmental pollution as well as air-borne diseases. National Dump the Pump Day motivates people to think about the future by using public transport for not just one day, but the days to come. 

They come in various colors, are made of different materials, and are so much fun to wear; celebrate National Flip Flop Day on the third Friday of June, by showing off your favorite pair of flip flops.

Wear them to the beach, on a grocery run, or even to semi-formal dining in a jiffy! After all, what is easier to wear than flip-flops?

And while wearing your flip flops you might as well go fishing. Observed annually on June 18, National Go Fishing Day is a great day to take time from your daily routine to find a stream, a lake, or pond, bait your hook, cast your line and catch a fish or two (or ten). Fishing is a recreational pastime of many, and if you’re lucky, you can bring home a fresh catch.

He’s witty, he’s sassy, he’s blunt, he’s saucy…he’s, well, Garfield. On Saturday, June 19, National Garfield the Cat Day celebrates the world’s most opinionated feline.

With insights ranging from global politics to his infatuation with lasagna, Jim Davis’s lovable tabby cat has endeared himself to audiences of all ages around the world. So, come enjoy a few candid one-liners and some heartfelt laughs on this warm summer day, and leave admitting that, deep down, we all want to know what our pets really think about us.

World Juggling Day on Saturday celebrates juggling as an art form. Juggling requires discipline, dedication, and lots of practice. This entertaining act can be done with several items ranging from balls and bowling pins to bottles and knives — the possibilities are endless.

People can get into juggling at any age as the only prerequisite for this skill is passion. Juggling is an old form of entertainment. There’s evidence in paintings on ancient Egyptian tombs where ladies can be seen juggling multiple items. Circuses also had special juggling segments in their shows as juggling was considered to be a special skill that only a few could master. However, with the advent of TV and the internet, the art form’s popularity has grown significantly.

On Sunday we celebrate Dad. Where would we be without dads? Honestly, who would show off ‘dad jeans,’ tell the same somewhat amusing jokes at Thanksgiving, or spin those charming childhood stories? But of course, there’s far more to dads than their wardrobe choices and endless nostalgia for the ‘good old days. Still, dads are heroes. On Sunday, June 20 Father’s Day be sure to let your dad know how much he means to you.