Monday, June 21st Meeting on the disposition of Springville Elementary School Canceled

SPRINGVILLE – The public meeting in regards to the disposition of Springville Elementary School scheduled for June 21, 2021 has been canceled.

Springville Elementary was voted to be closed in January 2020

Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips stated the meeting will be scheduled for another time. No comments were issued by township officials on why the meeting was canceled.

Bob Phillips, Perry Township Trustee

In January 2020, the North Lawrence Community Schools closed four elementary schools which included Springville Elementary. In July 2020, Perry Township and Lawrence County Independent Schools entered into an agreement to acquire Springville Elementary School for the newly formed charter school.

In March 2021 LCIS has since decided to acquire Fayetteville Elementary School after Indian Creek Township officials were able to obtain the school. LCIS was under time constraints to obtain a school building by May 2021 or lose its charter.

Under provisions of Indiana Code 20-3-6- 9 after a school corporation no longer needs a school for educational purposes the school corporation shall offer it to the township as a gift.

Last month, North Lawrence Community Schools offered the school to Perry Township officials. However, Perry Township officials have not voted on whether to acquire the school. Perry Township Trustee, Bob Phillips, stated the public will be notified when a meeting will be scheduled for a vote on the school.

WBIW will continue to follow developments in regards to the disposition of the Springville Elementary School.