BBB Serving Northern Indiana releases new Trusted Advice™ segment for consumers

INDIANA – Do you know what roof flashing is? Or how important it is to the life of your roof? According to A+ Accredited Business JW Bailey Construction, roof flashing is a common cause of roof leaks which can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to repair.

In BBB’s most recent Trusted Advice™ videoJW Bailey representatives break down what roof flashing is and explain the different types, as well as how each works to keep your roof leak-free. They even show homeowners what happens when roof flashing fails or is installed improperly, including water damage and potential roof replacement.

Whether business or homeowner, roof flashing is important to the longevity of your roof and keeping it in good repair. The BBB invites you to view BBB’s Trusted Advice™ video and learn more about it.

Need more expert advice? BBB’s Trusted Advice™ page offers videos on a wide range of topics including kitchen and bath repair, windows and doors, vehicle purchases, and many more.

About Trusted Advice™

BBB’s Trusted Advice™ enables BBB Accredited Businesses to positively differentiate their business from their competitors, and gain visibility in the northern Indiana marketplace by partnering with BBB to create a three- to five-minute consumer advice video. If your business is interested in providing Trusted Advice™, reach out to BBB Serving Northern Indiana at

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