Fire hydrant maintenance continues this week in Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON. – City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) continues fire hydrant maintenance next week within the area defined as follows:

  • North of South Shields Road/South Handy Ridge Road/East Rayletown Road/East Dillman Road
  • South of East Rhorer Road/West Gordon Pike
  • East of South Rogers Street
  • West of South Harrell Road

Crews are performing flow tests and other necessary maintenance on fire hydrants in the aforementioned area.  Signage is displayed in the affected area on the day the maintenance takes place, and maintenance crews carry proper identification as contractors for the City of Bloomington Utilities. The schedule is subject to change if each day’s work is not completed as scheduled or in case of inclement weather. 

Customers may notice fluctuations in pressure and/or discoloration of their tap water during hydrant maintenance. If water appears discolored, customers are advised to run their cold water tap until it clears. It is also recommended that customers postpone washing clothes and limit use of hot water until the cold water clears.

For more information contact the City of Bloomington Utilities at 812-339-1444.