Reptile activity increases with the summer heat

UNDATED – Warmer temperatures encourage Indiana’s snakes, lizards, and turtles to become active. You’re more likely to spot a garter snake basking in your garden or a turtle crossing the road this time of year.

garter snake

While some Hoosiers may not be thrilled to find a snake close to home, keep in mind that only four of Indiana’s 32 snake species are venomous, and only one of those four is common – the Northern copperhead. All of Indiana’s venomous snakes are not aggressive unless provoked.

Northern copperhead

If someone finds a snake and are unsure of what it is, leave it be and give it space. The odds of getting bitten greatly increase for individuals that try to handle it. Learn more about Indiana’s snakes.

Many of Indiana’s turtles are also nesting this time of year, which means turtles you encounter crossing roads are likely females.

Eastern box turtle

Support wild populations by assisting these turtles with crossing the road when it’s safe to do so. Always move a turtle to the side of the road it was heading towards; otherwise, it will likely just cross back.