Bloomington Farmers’ Market is Saturday

BLOOMINGTON – The Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market will be open Saturday at the Showers Common area from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Last Saturday, was the highest numbers of the season with 1,992 customers and 42 vendors.

Strawberries are in abundance at the Market. Multiple vendors showcased a beautiful array of fresh and delicious strawberries including flowers and plants for sale. .

Masks and social distancing are highly recommended for all customers.

How to Double Food Stamps at Market

  • During Saturday Market hours, go inside City Hall to the counter to the “Use Your SNAP (food stamp) Card Here” sign. During Tuesday Market, go to the Market information table.
  • Use an issued food stamp card to purchase Market Bucks. Market Bucks are available in $3 increments and can be used like cash to buy farm products from market vendors.
  • Beginning in 2013, as long as funding is available, individuals can double the value of their SNAP (food stamp) purchases. For every $3 in SNAP (food stamp) benefits exchanged, receive $6 in Market Bucks.
  • Draw up to $27 in SNAP (food stamp) benefits, and receive up to $54 in Market Bucks to buy fresh-from-the-farm, healthy, locally grown farm products at the Farmers’ Market.

Unused Market Bucks can be spent at either the Saturday or Tuesday Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market. Market Bucks expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are purchased.

To submit a comment to the Farmers’ Market Advisory Council, send an email to