Southern Indiana 6K Run/Walk for water raises $9,000

BEDFORD – The Southern Indiana 6K Run/Walk For Water raised $9,000 thus far. Approximately 80 people registered to participate in Saturday’s event.

Time is limited, but you can still donate to this cause. You can donate by clicking here.

Troy Kirkman’s comments

Each year, World Vision hosts its Global 6K for Water, where families, neighbors, friends, and churches come together to walk or run a 6K — the average distance women and children in developing nations walk to get drinking water.

Steve Hight, Pastor Faith Mission Church smiles and greets the participants, while Troy Kirkman gives instructions to community volunteers Gregg Taylor and Ken Hurst

Often this walk can be dangerous and the water can be unsafe to drink for the citizens of the developing nations.

Adam deWeber, sings the National Anthem and leads the group in prayer Saturday morning.

During Saturday’s opening of the event Adam deWeber, Pastor of Evangelical Community Church sang the National Anthem and led the group in prayer prior to the start of the 6K.

Ashley Inselman, who is the only paid employee of World Vision in Indiana, made opening remarks at Saturday’s event.

Ashley Inselman’s comments
Ashley Inselman gives opening remarks about woman and children walking for water in third world countries including Uganda

The weather was perfect for the event before temperatures started to climb Saturday afternoon.