Gosport man arrested after found naked in a yard

BEDFORD – A Gosport man was arrested Sunday at approximately 4:43 a.m. after Bedford Police officers were called to the 1100 block of N Street on a report of a male being on the caller’s porch and knocking on the door. 

Justin Arnold

When police arrived they found 24-year-old Justin Arnold wearing only his socks, exiting the backyard. Police say Arnold was talking so fast they couldn’t understand him.

The officers asked Arnold what he was doing and he told police, “I was driving up for my family Christmas.”

Police say Arnold was unable to stand still or follow simple instructions.

Arnold admitted that he had consumed “acid” and “it was on white pieces of paper.”

Officers then asked for Arnold to turn around to be handcuffed and he dropped to his knees. When officers attempted to help him to his feet, he refused to stand up and relaxed his body so officers would have to pick him up and stated “I’m stronger than you guys. Right?” 

Arnold then stood up and walked toward the police car, but when they reached the police car he refused to get into the vehicle. Officers had to forcibly put him in the police car. 

Bedford Police then spoke to the homeowner, where they noticed glass on the ground near the door. Arnold had allegedly broken the light bulb in a light fixture above the door. 

Police also found Arnold’s jeans, a belt, and phone on the porch.

While at the Bedford Police Department Arnold urinated on the floor and asked if officers recovered his jeans.

Justin Arnold is facing charges of theft, criminal mischief, public indecency, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.