Bedford Woman arrested after causing a disturbance

EAST OOLITIC – A Bedford woman was arrested after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to a home in the 220 block of Treslar Street after a report of a woman looking in the caller’s windows. 

Jessica Norris

The woman told police her daughter 33-year-old Jessica Norris was having a psychotic episode. 

Police spoke to Norris who told them her neighbors were standing on their property and looking at her lying naked in her trailer. 

While speaking with Norris, police say she became irate and began screaming loudly. She was asked if she wanted to go to the hospital to be evaluated but she refused and stormed out of her trailer and into the backyard. She then stated she would go to the hospital.

Norris began screaming again. She was told again to stop screaming or she would be arrested. 

Norris then walked away from the officers and began undressing saying she was going to give the neighbors a show. 

Norris was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.