Bedford man faces theft and domestic battery charges

OOLITIC – A Bedford man was arrested after Oolitic town marshals were alerted to a domestic fight in the 810 block of Smith Avenue on May 4.

Alex Flynn

The woman told officers she and 26-year-old Alex Flynn, of Bedford, were at the home in the 810 block of Smith Avenue when Flynn made obscene comments to her. The two had a verbal argument, after she stated to him that his comments were disgusting.

During the argument, Flynn allegedly lunged at the woman and was bitten by the family’s dog. Angering Flynn, he then pushed the woman onto the couch and began to choke her. The woman said she could not breathe and almost passed out. 

Flynn released his choke hold which enabled the woman to exit the couch and enter the kitchen. Flynn followed her and proceeded to choke her again. During the choking, another female who lived in the home, began pulling the woman’s hair out.

Flynn finally released his choke hold and the victim fled the home.  

The victim failed to take her cell phone with her and returned to the home to retrieve it. She remained outside the home in her car and honked her horn to alert Flynn from inside the home.

At the victim’s request, Flynn retrieved the cell phone from inside the home and brought it outside to her. Prior to relinquishing the phone, Flynn proceeded to smash the phone on the ground and allegedly hit and broke the side mirror of her vehicle.

Flynn then stated to the victim he was going to kill her. As he began to lean into her window, she accelerated the gas pedal and fled the scene. As she fled the scene the victim crashed into a tree in the 810 block of Smith Avenue.

Witnessing the accident, a neighbor called 911 and a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy responded to the scene. The deputy stated a battery report was not written because the victim did not want to file charges.

The following day, the victim returned to the 810 block of Smith Avenue with her sister to remove her van from the scene of the crash.

When they arrived,Flynn was removing the bumper off of the van. Flynn ran from the scene, once he noticed their arrival. The victim also discovered the battery missing from her vehicle.

The battery was recovered at the home, but later reinstalled into the van.  

While at the scene, the women realized that Flynn also had taken the title of the vehicle. During a phone conversation with Flynn, she requested the title be returned. During this said conversation Flynn allegedly threatened to kill the woman again.

Later, the woman returned to her home in the 830 block of Smith Avenue and found Flynn running from her home. 

The victim discovered a $2,000 custom Kay Jewelers ring and a $200 bracelet missing. She believed Flynn stole the missing items.

The information was forwarded to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office and a warrant was issued for Flynn’s arrest.

Flynn faces two counts of criminal mischief, two counts of theft, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic battery.

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