Rockville Correctional Facility wraps up Employee Appreciation Week with Awards Banquet

ROCKVILLE – In 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5187 creating “National Correctional Officers’ Week.”  Since then, the first week of May is marked by celebrations to honor the work of correctional and probation professionals. 

At the Rockville Correctional Facility, Warden Julie Stout was joined by Deputy Wardens Pam Ferguson and Stacey Milner, along with various facility department heads, who prepared and served meals to all staff on every shift. Those meals included hamburgers, cheeseburgers, spicy brats, hot dogs, baked beans, and everyone’s favorite: cheesy potato casserole.  Topping it all off were water, sodas, and ice cream. 

At week’s end, all staff received a goody bag of snacks and a $10 Subway Gift Card.  These items were paid for by the Facility Promoting Positive Correctional Culture Committee, a group of RCF staff who keep their fingers on the pulse of the organization to improve the working environment for the professionals who work here. These treat bags were purchased with money raised through employee fundraisers sponsored by the committee.

Warden Julie Stout

Capping off the week’s activities was the Employee Appreciation Week Warden’s Call. Warden Julie Stout expressed not only her thanks to the staff for the “awesome job” they do day in and out but also her gratefulness for all the staff who rose to the challenge created by the global pandemic. “Corrections is not a particularly easy profession on a ‘normal day’ let alone when operating within a worldwide health crisis,” Warden Stout said.

Deputy Warden of Operations Stacey Milner announced staff recipients of years of service awards for each five years of accumulated service.

With 35 years was Julie Adams. With 30 years was Jeffrey Duffer.

With 25 years was Jamie Bishop, Randal Smith, and Brian Wimsett. With 20 years is Susan Martin, Kristen Selvia-Butler, Levi Medley, and Steven Hazard Sr.

With 15 years is Susan Klyaic, William Siegelin, and Meredith Loden.

With 10 years is Amanda Burleson, Carol Wittenmyer, Richard Johnson, and Vivian Cundiff. With five years is Ronny Gray, Leslie Honaker, Mackenzie Burns, Kristina Chesterfield, Haven Trent, William Fullingim, Charles A. Brown, Charles D. Brown, Scotty Mundell, Heather Gossett, Alexander Wallace, and Christopher Marshall.