Two people arrested after officers conducted a welfare check

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested after Bedford Police officers were called to the 1700 block of 25th Street Tuesday afternoon after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department dispatch received a 911 call reporting an unresponsive male.

While on the phone, the female caller changed her mind and stated she did not need help.

Heather Brown

Due to the nature of the call officers responded to do a welfare check.
When officers arrived they spoke to 35-year-old Heather Brown.

Police asked to speak to Michelle Arthur whom initially made the call, and questioned if there was a male in the home who had suffered a seizure and was unresponsive.

Brown told police that she and her child were the only two people in the home. Officers left the scene.

The officer then phoned dispatch and conducted a reverse search of that phone number and determined the number belonged to Heather Brown.

Billy Young

The officers also recognized a vehicle parked behind the home that belonged to 36-year-old Billy Young. 

Police say Young has a history of drug related crimes. Officers returned to the scene because they believed Young may have overdosed inside the home.

Officers confronted Brown about lying to police. She again stated that she and her child were the only two in the home.

She then told police her friend was there previously and had a seizure. Heather made it clear that her friend had already left the residence. 

Officers then asked to enter the home to make sure the male was not inside.

Officers found Young in the  basement. 

Brown then became distraught and acted extremely nervous and was talking uncontrollably. 

Because Brown had lied to police several times, police contacted the Lawrence County Probation Department to see if they felt a search was needed.

Two probation officers arrived on the scene and requested the officers assistance with searching the  residence and also requested canine Maximus. 

While the officer was retrieving Maximus from the vehicle, Brown admitted there was contraband in the home and wanted to show officers where it was. 

Brown provided officers with a plastic bag that contained two used Narcan containers, a bag with crystal meth residue, and a small cotton ball. 

She also provided officers with a black rectangular box that contained three used syringes, one containing a crystal-like substance. A small spoon with meth residue and a small piece of cotton were also found. The cotton swabs tested positive for fentanyl and heroin.

Brown told officers there was a pink bag containing other items that Young might have taken to the basement.

In the basement officers found the pink bag that contained 11 used syringes. Officers also discovered an additional syringe within a green bag and a spoon with meth residue lying on top of dirty clothes in a laundry basket.

In a sock drawer officers found an Advil bottle that contained 26 full and 5 partial Trazodone Hydrochloride 100 mg pills,  which is a prescription medication. Additionally, two black digital scales were found in a  night stand drawer next to the bed in Brown’s bedroom. 

Brown told police that the items found did not belong to her. She claimed all the items belonged to Young and he had her hide them for him. Young told police the found items did not belong to him.

Brown stated to the officers that Young had overdosed and she had used the two doses of narcan to revive him. Young said he did not overdose and that he just had a seizure

Both Brown and Young were arrested. 

Young faces charges of possession of meth, possession of a narcotic drug, unlawful possession of a syringe, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Brown faces charges of possession of  meth, possession of a narcotic drug, unlawful possession of a syringe, possession of a legend drug, and false informing,