Westgate presents -A Future in the Quantum Realm

WESTGATE – WestGate Crane Technology Park is presenting a free webinar on Wednesday, May 5 from 11 a.m. until noon EST

The webinar presented by Dr. Robert Blizeh, of BAH, provides a realistic look at the future and current state of quantum engineering and concludes, for those interested, that a career in Quantum Engineering is not to be dreamed as if it were a far-off future state but is already here for the taking.

The presentation begins with a useful definition of quantum physics followed by a nerdy but entertaining illustration that captures the historical implications where we are in our global race to exploit the principles of the quantum revolution. It then uses the Elitzur-Vaidman experiment to show how quantum engineering uniquely advances humanity while imposing its own set of limitations. From this understanding, the idea of quantum supremacy as a framework for any meaningful discussion of quantum engineered advancement is established.

The presentation then provides examples to illustrate the real meaning of quantum supremacy by citing the current state of three development areas highlighted by the media.

The presentation then provides insights into the even brighter and more immediate breakthroughs in quantized effects devices that are currently underway.

Rolling these observations together, the presentation concludes that a career in quantum engineering is not a future dream, as presented in the media, but is here now for any to pursue.

Presentation Outline

I. What is Quantum Physics in a Nutshell

II. Why is Quantum Engineering Important: The Elitzur-Vaidman Experiment

III. Quantum Supremacy – Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

IV. Observations You Won’t Get from Google

  • The State of Quantum Computing
  • The State of Quantum Communications
  • The State of Quantum Navigation

V. The Other Quantum: The Land of Quantized Effects DevicesMemory

  • Topological Processors
  • Spiral Wavefront Lidar and Detectors

VI. Conclusion: Quantum is not about the yet unrealized future. A career in Quantum Engineering is already here.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Blizek is the former Director of Quantum Engineering under the U.S. Navy Air Enterprise (NAE) CTO office located at Pax River. There, he was responsible for quantum technology road mapping covering applied research in quantum computing, imaging, navigation, communications, power management, and other applications. He tracked, analyzed, and advised leadership on the state of and potential impact of emerging quantum technologies from across the globe. He was a member of the Intelligence Community Quantum Working Group advising the joint chiefs of staff and the White House liaison on the National Quantum Initiative.

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