The City of Bedford celebrates Arbor Day

BEDFORD – The City of Bedford celebrated Arbor Day at Wilson Park, which marks the 29th year the city has been named a Tree City USA.

Bedford ranks 6th in the state for such designation, with neighboring Bloomington celebrating the honor for 32 years.

Wilson Park was chosen this year, as the city seeks to replace trees that had to be taken down.

“We replace every tree that is taken down, trees provide a great natural resource and without trees, we would not be here,” said Bedford Parks Program Director Gary Dorsett.

Those in attendance today included Bedford Mayor Sam Craig, and tree board members Gary Dorsett, Dustin Matlock and Darren George.

Dustin Matlock (left) and Darren George (right) plant a tree as Indiana Department Natural Resources Forester Janet Eger looks on

Officials planted a Nutall Oak tree today at Wilson Park to replace the trees that had to be removed due to weather, or age.

“This spring look at the redbuds and dogwoods oh what a show, honestly I think nature said sorry about what happened last year,” said Janet Eger Indiana Department of Natural Resources Forester.

“Of all of our native trees benefits wildlife more than any other species. More than 213 different species of wildlife. This ranges from the different insects, deer, turkeys, and birds. So I am very happy the City of Bedford has chosen an Oak tree,” said Eger.

The City of Bedford continues to maintain a valuable resource within the community.