What to do when you encounter injured wildlife

UNDATED – As Hoosiers venture outdoors to enjoy the warm weather, people will encounter more wildlife. This also increases the likelihood you will come across a wild animal that may need help.

If an animal shows any of the following signs and can’t effectively move or run away, it may be time to call a permitted wildlife rehabilitator:

• Bleeding or clear signs of injuries such as bruises, cuts, punctures, or broken bones
• Looks thin, weak, cold or soaking wet
• Signs of diarrhea
• Flies, fly eggs, maggots, ticks, lice, or fleas have infested the animal

Injured red fox

Please note that the Indiana DNR does not provide services for injured or orphaned wildlife. DNR relies on permitted wildlife rehabilitators to assist with these situations.

To find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator click here.