Bedford man arrested after being combative with police

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested Sunday after a request for a welfare check on small children in a home in the 70 block of Walnut Heights Road. 

Derik Phillips

When Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived they found 38-year-old Derik Phillips sleeping in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and his wife sleeping in the passenger seat.

Phillips became irritated with police and refused to comply with commands. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and instead lit a cigarette and began talking to his wife and fumbling with his phone.

Police then asked the where the children were located.  

Phillips jumped from the driver seat into the passenger seat and appeared to either be attempting to flee the vehicle or hurt the female. 

Phillips exited the vehicle, but then sat back down in the passenger seat. He continued to make comments about “getting beat up” or “running” and “I will do it right now”.

He told police his name was not Derik. He then stood up and attempted to wrap his arms around his wife. She then attempted to push him away and peel his arms off her and begged him to comply with the officers. Phillip refused to let go of his wife.

Phillip was told several times to put his hands behind his back and comply with commands. 

An officer stepped behind Phillips and grabbed him with a “seatbelt” type grip, and pulled him off the female. 

He then became belligerent and combative with the officer. 

The officer sat Phillip on the ground as he continued to resist by pushing, rolling and attempting to get back on his feet. 

The officer was finally able to handcuff Phillips who continued to yell and resist.

The female became audibly upset and the other officer attempted to calm her down as Phillip continued to yell and curse and threatened the officers. 

Phillips was arrested on an outstanding warrant and new charges of resisting arrest by force and disorderly conduct.

Officers located the children inside the home.