Solidarity Sleepout strives to raise $100,000 this Friday

BLOOMINGTON – A Solidarity Sleepout benefiting the quests of Friend’s Place shelter will take place this Friday night.

Left to right) Ginny Fullen and Jennifer George Richason brought awareness to homelessness last year.

So far more than 94 participants have signed up for the Friday event, which is more than double from last year.

This year’s Solidarity Sleepout goal is to raise $100,000.

Friends Place took over the management of Martha’s House in 2016. Martha’s House closed due to financial issues. But the community rallied together to keep the shelter going by raising reserve funds to be able to build up the annual budget and keep the shelter open.

After five years, the reserve is being depleted and the goal is to raise a total of $180,000 for for the shelter’s annual budget.

With other sources of income already in place, this fundraiser could possibly help the the organization supersede the overall annual goal.

The first year of the Sleepout back in 2019 raised a total of $26,000.

With three days out, so far the group has raised more than $35,000.

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Bedford resident Ginny Fullen is particpating in this years Sleep Out to bring awareness to the homeless population.

“Last year, with the eviction from Seminary Square, and a large amount of public places such as the library, the homeless population did not have places to go,” said Fullen.

“Many are just one pay check away from homelessness, a divorce, illness, or other circumstances that can lead to being left out on the street,” said Fullen.

This shelter has been opened to provide a valuable resource to the homeless community especially after the closing of Martha’s House.

Fullen will be camping out at a undisclosed location in Bedford Friday night trying to raise money for this cause.