Stars blow away Paoli, Salem on testy back nine at Otis Park

BNL’s Jett Jones cracks a tee shot during Monday’s match with Salem and Paoli.
Courtesy photo

BEDFORD – The back nine of Otis Park can show some teeth at times, especially when the wind whistles and the greens bristle. Bedford North Lawrence saw some of that wicked grin on Monday.

Colten Girgis

Colten Girgis and Trevin Hutchinson posted 40s on the par-35 second side, leading the Stars to wins over Salem and Paoli. BNL carded a team total of 164, while the Rams (212) and Lions (220) were blown away.

The back nine is a placement test. Miss targets, get off the expected pathway, and a price will be paid. With the greens quickened, recovering from the wayward shot was more difficult.

“We really struggled putting today,” BNL coach Mike Wright said. “The greens were fast and there were a couple of pin placements we didn’t handle very well. However, as we move forward toward our own Invitational on Saturday and beyond, we need to get better on faster greens.”

Trevin Hutchinson

Camden Andrick and Dylan Endris completed the scoring for the Stars with 42s.

“We saw some improvements the first few weeks of the season, and that’s tapered off some,” Wright said. “We need to chip away and see some more of that same improvement in May to be ready for June (and the state tournament series).”

Aiden Dooley paced the Rams with 49, while Alex Campbell carded 48 for the Lions.

BNL will visit Columbus North on Tuesday.

BNL 164, BNL B 197, Paoli 212, Salem 220

BNL – Colten Girgis 40, Trevin Hutchinson 40, Ramzi Girgis 47, Jett Jones 46, Camden Andrick 42, Jackson Jones 44, Dylan Endris 42

BNL B – Ryan Cobb 47, Klayton Brown 51, Connor Dugan 47, Houston Corbin 52, Max Nolan 56, Bracey Ritchison 56, Logan Norman 56

Paoli – Aiden Dooley 49, Marcus 52, Kaulen Turner 58, Trey Cranfield 53

Salem – Drew Stout 63, Alex Campbell 48, Wes Smith 57, Evan Smedley 54, Waylon Bramer 65, Alex Wilcox 61, Caden Abbott 65, Joel Altemeyer 70