BPD makes OWI arrest after failure to pull over

BEDFORD – A Bedford woman was arrested Wednesday morning after a Bedford Police officer stopped her vehicle for driving while intoxicated.

Mary Graves

Police arrested 48-year-old Mary Graves, of 1316 L St., on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction, OWI endangerment, and resisting arrest

 Bedford Police Department received a call about a possible intoxicated driver in a gold vehicle parked at a house near the alley of 12th and 13th streets.

The caller told police the vehicle left the alley and turned north on Lincoln Avenue striking the curve.

The officer attempted to stop Graves but she would not stop and continued north on Lincoln Avenue past 13th Street and increased her speed.

The Graves stopped the vehicle near Stalker Avenue on Lincoln Avenue.

Police say Graves appeared to be intoxicated. She told police she had taken some “somas” and “norcos”  the night before. 

Graves failed field sobriety tests. She was transported to IU Health Hospital for a blood draw and those results are pending.