Bedford City Council changes fees for towing and abandoned vehicles

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council approved changes to the city ordinance in regards to towing and storage fees of abandoned vehicles.

The last change was made in 1984, according to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore.

The ordinance was changed from a $25 towing fee to an $80 towing fee and from a $5 storage fee to a $30 fee for outside storage of a vehicle and to $40 for inside storage of a vehicle.

The ordinance for removal of abandoned vehicles was amended to be current with Indiana State Law. The previous ordinance read the cost would be $100 and the ordinance will be changed to $1,000.

In other business:

Council members were notified of conflict of interests.

They include:

  • Jerod Wilcoxen – Jerod’s Asphalt Cracksealing Repair
  • David Flinn – Flinn Farms – Bedford Feed & Seed, Inc.
  • John Bertges – John Bertges Golf Professional

Brandon Woodward also requested a change to Section C of the Housing Code. The ordinance was drafted in 1965 and no changes have been made to the existing ordinance since. Now when a permit is required and the person requesting the permit that does not act within the specified time a charge of $100 will be assessed. The former penalty was $5.

Woodward told the members he did not know of a case where anyone has failed to act in the specified time.

The second passage of the ordinance was approved, but the third and final passage will not take place until next month.