Access Indiana reaches 550,000 users

UNDATED Access Indiana, the state’s single sign-on portal for Hoosiers, now connects more than 550,000 users with 37 state government services. 

The service is growing quickly, adding more than 150,000 users in the past 49 days.  


Users have access to a variety of services on their personal dashboard including the Indiana Vaccination Portal, DNR Fish & Wildlife, myLicense, INBiz, DRIVE , and more.   

With an Access Indiana account, users are able to use the same username and password to securely enter all of these services. 

Users can also update all of their account information, like email and phone number, check notifications such as scheduling a BMV appointment or checking tax refund status, and more by signing in at Acess Indiana.  

Additional services are continually being added to Access Indiana, with the ultimate goal of needing only one user identity to interact online with the state.