Two LCIS board members resign prior to voting on school buildings


SPRINGVILLE – Lawrence County Independent School President Albert Cross and board member Jerry Hill resigned Wednesday prior to the LCIS’s vote Wednesday night board vote on the school building the newly formed charter school would use.

Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips and Albert Cross. Cross resigned from LCIS on Wednesday

WBIW received a copy of Albert Cross’s resignation letter. In the letter Cross states, he resigned due to the permanent ban to ever use Springville Elementary and on the advice of LCIS Attorney Terry English.

LCIS Trisha Turner said the board wishes the former board members the best in their future endeavors but had no further comment on their resignations.

Jerry Hill resigned Wednesday as a board member of LCIS

Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips was the first township official who worked with the advisory board to acquire Springville Elementary School for the newly formed charter school.

WBIW reached out to Bob Phillips by email, but Phillips is on vacation and is out of state. WBIW has not received a response in reaction to the latest developments regarding Springville School.

Lawrence County Independent Schools plan an emergency meeting for Saturday to vote on a new president.