North Lawrence Community School votes to give Fayetteville School to Indian Creek Township

BEDFORD – The North Lawrence Community School board Thursday unanimously voted to give Fayetteville School to Indian Creek Township.

But the vote was not taken without several board members asking questions and trying to table the vote.

Prior to Thursday vote, LCIS was informed they could only take possession of one of the elementary schools not both.

On Wednesday night LCIS voted to obtain Fayetteville Elementary.

This decision by LCIS board members was not taken well by board members Jerry Hill and President Albert Cross. Both men resigned due to that decision.

Indian Creek Township advisory board president Justin Leach pleaded with North Lawrence Community School board to do what is in the best interest of the residents of Indian Creek Township.

Leach, in his statement to the North Lawrence Community School board members, emphasized that none of the NLCS board members attended the public meeting held in Fayetteville to hear resident’s concerns.

Terry English, the attorney for LCIS, attended this evening’s meeting and answered questions on behalf of LCIS.

English made the following comments on tonight’s vote.

Terry English Attorney Lawrence County Independent Schools

LCI member Trisha Turner made this comment following the North Lawrence Community School board vote, “I am so excited, this has been in the works for a long time. We devoted a lot of time and energy to giving our families school choice.”

Documents were signed by Indian Creek Township officials following Thursday’s vote. The deed to Fayetteville Elementary will be handed over on Monday to allow NCLS officials to change over the utilities and do other final housekeeping needs prior to turning the facility over to Indian Creek Township.