Brent Irelan promoted to captain at Rockville Correctional Facility

ROCKVILLE – Rockville Correctional Facility (RCF) Warden Julie Stout is pleased to announce the promotion of Brent Irelan to Correctional Captain.

Captain Irelan began his career with the Indiana Department of Correction as a Correctional Officer in June 2004.  In August 2006, he left RCF to pursue a career in Parke County, Indiana law enforcement, but returned to RCF in October 2011.  Captain Irelan still serves as a reserve Parke County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Capt. Brent Irelan

During his time at RCF, Captain Irelan has mastered nearly every custody post in the facility, earning promotions to Correctional Sergeant in August 2013, and Correctional Lieutenant in October 2015. Captain Irelan has been a member of the facility’s Emergency Squad and maintains active membership of many other specialized emergency response teams. He has served as a peer Field Training Officer who has risen to lead that effort throughout RCF as the Field Training Manager.

Captain Irelan continuously proves himself to be not only a capable and dependable employee but a supervisor his staff can count on for solid policy-based direction and career development. He has repeatedly stepped up and performed above and beyond the minimum requirements of his duties as evidenced by his having become a subject matter expert and training instructor in several disciplines critical to facility operations.

Captain Irelan had this to say upon notification of his selection for this promotion, “I have been provided the opportunity to work with some amazing people. I have learned from everyone, those I have been trained by, worked alongside or supervised. I thank all the employees at RCF and my family whose support is completely overwhelming.”

Warden Stout said, “Captain Irelan was chosen from an outstanding group of qualified candidates which in and of itself speaks to his tremendous work ethic, knowledge, and dedication to the IDOC.”