Two drug arrests made after BPD stops to offer roadside assistance

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested early Sunday morning, after a Bedford Police officer found their vehicle parked at Dish Masters on 5th Street.

The officers said it appeared the two were working underneath the hood of the vehicle so the officer stopped to see if they needed assistance.

Amanda Maze

A female, 47-year-old Amanda Maze, of Bedford, ran up to the vehicle and thanked the officer for stopping.

The officers said Maze began rambling  incoherent statements. The officer believed Maze was under the influence of drugs.

Tyler Egemo

The officer then made contact with a male 37-year-old Tyler Egemo, of Spencer. He told police his name was  Trevor Powell.

Egemo told police the radiator hose had come loose on the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze and he had purchased a new hose at Walmart.

Maze told police she met Egemo at the store and he offered to give her a ride.

The officers asked Maze if she had anything illegal in her items in the vehicle and she “please don’t take me to jail.”

Maze then handed the officer a jar from her pocket that contained crystal meth. She was arrested.

Officers then asked Egemo if they could search the vehicle and he denied their request. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department canine Dusty was requested to the scene and alerted officers to possible drugs in the vehicle.

Egemo was then asked to step away from the vehicle and stop working on it. He became agitated and stated, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” 

An officer then noticed Egemo was armed with a knife and he was detained.

Officers searched the vehicle and found an orange plastic box  underneath the driver’s seat. Inside of the box, Officers located a plastic  bag containing crystal meth. They also found a baggy containing several Xanax pills.

In a purse in the vehicle police found a glass smoking device with meth residue.

In Egemo’s pocket, officers found another baggie containing meth.

It was at this time, that he told police his real name. 

Officers learned Egemo was wanted on a warrant in Monroe County. 

Both were transported to the Bedford Police Department. Once there, Maze became irate and refused to cooperate with officers.

She had to be forcibly placed back onto the bench in which she refused to comply and stood back up. Officers then  began escorting Maze to a patrol car and while doing so Maze pulled away from officers. Officers forcibly placed in the police vehicle and transported to the Lawrence County Jail.  

Egemo told police he got the drugs from a person in Franklin and was transporting the drugs as a favor to a person who was going to pick them up in Spencer.

Police recovered 29.39 grams of crystal meth from Egemo’s pocket and vehicle. 

Maze was arrested on charges of possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, and resisting arrest by force.

Egemo faces charges of dealing and possession of meth, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a syringe, synthetic identity deception, wanted on a warrant for failure to appear in Monroe County.

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