Broglin appointed to Oolitic town council by Lawrence County Republican Party

OOLITIC – The Lawrence County Republican Party appointed Jon Broglin to fill the vacancy left by Dirk Sears on the Oolitic Town Council.

John Broglin

Sears resigned from his position due to job requirements.

Jon Broglin, 67, just recently retired from Chase Bank after 28 years of service. Broglin has lived in Oolitic for 23 years.

Jon is the middle child of Albert and Margie Broglin and is a 1973 Bedford High School graduate.

There are two main issues that Broglin is interested in addressing once in office.

Those issues include water leaks and to see that water meters are modernized to help track those leaks.

Another is the high cost of water bills.

“I would like to somehow address these needs with new infrastructure, but after those concerns are addressed see if we cannot lower the costs for residents,” said Broglin.

“I am pumped about getting to work for the residents of Oolitic. Johnny Bob Dilion suggested I come on as a town council member. I am not one to sit around all day 10-12 hours,” he added. “I am hopeful, we can get local, state, and federal grants to make improvements to our town. I look forward to working for the future of Oolitic.”