Video evidence leads to battery charge arrest

EAST OOLITIC – An East Oolitic man was arrested Saturday after a woman came to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department to report she had been injured by her boyfriend.

Robert Davis Jr.

Police arrested 45-year-old Robert Davis Jr. on charges of strangulation, domestic battery, criminal confinement, and pointing a firearm.

The woman told deputies she and Davis were in a relationship with Davis for two years and they both lived at a home in the 200 block of Denson Street in East Oolitic.

The woman told police she and Davis got into an argument Friday night that continued into Saturday morning.

The woman recorded portions of the argument. In the recording, police heard Davis yelling and cursing at the woman. The video showed the woman say she was leaving and that is when Davis pushed the woman down causing her head to hit the floor. The woman told police Davis shoved her three more times during the fight. One of those times Davis shoved her down onto the couch and choked her with both hands. In the video, Davis is seen pulling a handgun on her and pointed it at her and himself.

The woman told police she attempted to leave the home, but Davis kept blocking the door preventing her from leaving.

The woman was medically treated for her injuries before reporting the incident to the police. She suffered swelling, bruising and red marks to her left foot and her neck, bruising on her left upper arm.

The woman requested to file battery charges. Officers then went to the home and Davis was arrested without incident.

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