How the homeless can still get Economic Impact Payments

UNDATED – The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has started sending out the latest round of federal Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to qualifying individuals and families last week.

This money is either directly deposited into bank accounts, being sent in the form of a physical check, or in some instances sent in the form of an EIP debit card.

Individuals experiencing homelessness likely do not have a bank account or fixed address. Making it a challenge to receive their EIP. The first step for individuals in this situation is to find a tax preparer or location that will help them complete what is called an EIP return. Locations that will do this, oftentimes for free, can be found here.

Individuals who receive a physical check but do not have a bank account may still cash their EIP certain places including some financial institutions (bank or credit union), check cashing companies, or some retailers. The Indiana Department of Financial Institutions has encouraged Hoosiers to consider these tips before attempting to cash their payment.

Individuals interested in checking to see when and how their EIP was sent should check out the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website.