Bloomington Polar Plunge benefits Indiana Special Olympics

BLOOMINGTON – The Bloomington Polar Plunge will take place Saturday at the Starlite Drive-in Bloomington.

Registration for the event taking place at 6:00 p.m.

Starlite Drive-in will show “Jaws” after the Polar Plunge on Saturday

The drive-in is located at 7460 South State Road 37 in Bloomington.

Daniel Baker, of Springville, has taken part in this event for the last four years and his brother Aaron has taken part the last two years.

Daniel Baker (left) and his brother Aaron will take part in this year’s Polar Plunge

“Athletes travel and stay in motel rooms across the state of Indiana. This fundraiser, helps them with those motel room stays and provides uniforms for the athletes,” said Daniel Baker.

Normally, the event would take place at Indiana University but COVID-19 has forced the group to find another location.

Starlite Drive-In has stepped up to provide the location. Each person taking part in the plunge will be provided a shark-themed outfit. After the polar plunge, around 8:00 p.m., the Drive-In will show the movie “JAWS”.

Baker will have five fellow teammates this year. There are two teams from Lawrence County taking part in this year’s Polar Plunge at this time.

The goal is to raise $25,000 with all the proceeds going to the Indiana Special Olympics. If any team raises more than $2,000 some of that money will be donated specifically to the county the group originates from.

Team Appropriate took part in last year’s Polar Plunge: Scarecrow – Aaron Baker, Cowardly Lion- Daniel Baker, Tinman – Jeff Albertson, Flying Monkey- Darby Jones, Dorothy – Kaylee Bortner, Wizard – Misty Sallows, Glinda – Amy Arthur, Wicked Witch – Emma Arthur

In order to take a plunge, you must donate $75, and to take virtual plunges a donation of $50 is being accepted. To stay updated on Daniel’s progress or to donate you can go to his Facebook Page.

As of Thursday morning, a total of $4,200 has been raised for the Bloomington Polar Plunge.

Register here.