BMV announces addition of ASL and 4 other languages for written test

UNDATED – Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Commissioner Peter L. Lacy announced Wednesday Hoosiers will soon be able to take the driver’s license written exam in 19 languages. The BMV currently offers the exam in 14 languages.

American Sign Language (ASL), the first of five new languages to be added to the computer-based system, will be available on Monday, March 29.

Four additional languages, Hindi, Croatian, Serbian, and Tagalog, will be added in the coming months as translations and peer reviews are completed.

Peter Lacy

“We are excited to offer American Sign Language in the form of a video translation to our menu of languages for the operator’s exam. Because ASL will be available in our computer-based system it will eliminate the requirement for these exams to be scheduled in advance,” said Commissioner Lacy. “We remained focused on providing great government service and are eager to rollout these five (5) new languages over the next 2-3 months to better serve all Hoosiers.”

The written exam is an assessment designed to test an individual’s knowledge of traffics laws related to safe motor vehicle operation. Written exams, formerly offered on paper, have been completed on computer terminals since 2013. The addition of ASL adds a new video dimension to the BMV platform.

All non-English translations of the exam are completed by certified translators and undergo a peer-review process prior to publication.

For more information about the languages offered and how to prepare for the BMV knowledge exam, please refer to the BMV website.