BPD arrests man after injuring an elderly woman and resisting officers

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested Wednesday night after Bedford Police officers were called to a fight in the 1000 block of 23rd Street. When officers arrived they found a man in a dark shirt flee from a parked car in the driveway into an attached garage.

Mark Perry

Other officers found an elderly  female lying on the kitchen floor. Her left leg was bent underneath her right leg in what police say was an awkward position. The woman was completely incapacitated and could only mutter short phrases. She told police she was pushed by her grandson, 26-year-old Mark Perry.

A second woman in the home stated Perry had pushed her into the elderly woman causing her to fall. The elderly woman suffered from severe hip and leg pain.

The woman was transported to IU Health Hospital  by ambulance for treatment. 

Other officers were able to locate and detain Perry.

He forcibly pulled away, slipped out of his jacket and attempted to flee from officers. Officers  were forced to take Perry to the ground in an attempt to regain control. 

While on the ground Perry repeatedly tried to stand up and push away from officers. He then pulled his hands away and tucked them underneath his body. Officers made several  attempts to pull Perry’s hands out from under him and gave multiple verbal commands comply. An officer then applied his taser to Perry’s lower back in hopes to stun him. This was unsuccessful and Perry  continued to resist the officers.  Officers then delivered strikes to the large muscle groups of Mark’s legs and back to attempt to get him to comply. When those attempts were unsuccessful, another officer attempted to use his taser to stun Perry in his right leg.

Perry continued to resist and during the altercation, an officer was kicked by Perry on the right side of the head. Officers eventually were able to maintain control over Mark’s hands long enough to place him in handcuffs. Once in handcuffs, Mark continued to resist and refused to enter the police vehicle. After being placed inside the vehicle Mark was transported to the Lawrence County Jail where he was remanded on two counts of resisting law enforcement, battery against a public safety officer, and domestic battery resulting in serious bodily injury.