Partnership with Purdue University Global to benefit members of Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association

WEST LAFAYETTE – As a former firefighter, Randy Frye holds first responders in high esteem. His empathy for them led him to become a champion for a partnership between Purdue University Global and the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association (IVFA) that will afford all members of the association the opportunity to pursue bachelor’s degree offerings that will help advance their careers.

Randy Frye

“The volunteer fire service in Indiana comprises the majority of firefighters,” said Frye, who has served in the Indiana House of Representatives from the 67th district since 2010. “The countless hours spent by these brave volunteers protecting us often goes unrewarded. Thanks to Purdue Global, we can now begin to offer additional college training for our volunteer firefighters, providing them with a clear path to a brighter future.

Frye discusses the partnership in this video.

Purdue Global will provide a free portfolio assessment and capstone course to 250 IVFA members residing in Indiana who enroll with the university.

Frank Dooley

“We are proud to join forces with the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association to do our part in recognizing the tremendous sacrifice made by these selfless heroes across our state,” Purdue Global Chancellor Frank Dooley said. “These men and women sacrifice so much to serve their communities. We look forward to welcoming them to the Purdue family and seeing them realize career progression and personal growth.”

The portfolio waiver is valued at $1,500 and is open to the first 250 eligible members who submit their credentials for either Academic Prior Learning Portfolio (EL206) or Pathway to College Credit – Portfolio Development (LRC100) for assessment.

To qualify for the bachelor’s capstone tuition waiver ($1,680 in-state value), eligible individuals must first submit an experiential learning portfolio.

“The Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association welcomes the partnership between our association and Purdue Global,” IVFA President David R. Israel said. “As we attempt to recruit new and younger members, this opens even more doors of opportunity. We will be able to not only ask members of our communities to join their local volunteer fire departments but be able to offer, in return, an opportunity for assistance with a college education. Our hope is that this might be the benefit that will attract our needed future, new and younger members to serve as volunteers in public safety.”

The launch date for the program is March 1. The Purdue Global course waivers are available to the first 250 IVFA members who are Indiana residents, complete a Purdue Global portfolio development course and submit a portfolio for review by Jan. 30, 2022, enroll in Purdue Global, and enter their bachelor’s degree capstone course no later than Dec. 1, 2026.

Joel Thacker

“The role of a first responder today is more challenging than ever before,” said Joel Thacker, Indiana state fire marshal. “This partnership between the IVFA and Purdue Global will help public safety personnel obtain the necessary education and training to meet the challenges now and in the future.”