Video Series Combats Addiction Stigma

(UNDATED) – The “In This Together” series, produced by IU’s Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge and partners, is a community resource for those wanting to learn more about substance use disorder and how to help Hoosiers battling addiction and those who wish to support their recovery.

What is addiction? What treatment options are available for my family member? What does recovery look like and what can I do to help my community battle substance abuse? 

Below, you will hear from IU researchers, healthcare workers, government leaders, clinicians, and people in recovery who sat down to help put answers to all of these questions. A partnership through The IU Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge and the Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety, the “In This Together,” project serves as a community resource for those wanting to learn more about the topic of substance use disorder and ways you can make a difference in the lives of Hoosiers.


When IU teamed up with the Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety to create this project, the goal was to provide resources to the community that would help groups, professional and families start a conversation around substance use disorder. 

Below are supplemental materials aimed at helping those groups lead a discussion around the topics of addiction, treatment and recovery, harm reduction and prevention, and building a community of hope. Researchers also have included a takeaway for participants to leave with that highlights key points of the discussion. All of the materials can be easily downloaded and printed. 

Additionally, there are two, online courses for both community members and nurses that are free and available online. The first course, “In This Together: Community Conversations to Reduce Stigma of Substance Use Disorder,” can be found here. The second course, “Substance Use Disorders: An Introduction for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals,” can be found here

Researchers would also love to hear your feedback. Below are both a printable version and an online version of a quick survey that will help them better understand the needs of the community and ways to create useful tools. 

Anyone with questions or those seeking help with leading a discussion may contact April Toler at or 812-855-3851.

Discussion guide   Takeaway   Survey

Additional resources