Pay It Forward and Do a Random Act of Kindness Today

(UNDATED) – Today is do a Random Act of Kindness Day.

The day was created in Denver, Colorado in 1995.

The best things in life are free and complimenting someone will cost you absolutely nothing. If you find yourself with someone or if you cross paths with someone on the street, say something special to them. It could be as simple as “You look nice today” or “Have a great day!”

Paying it forward is something we strongly believe in and what better way to do that then by sharing a meal with someone? We’re not saying that you have to buy a filet mignon steak or a 5-course meal for someone. But how bad would hurt your pockets to grab a $5 foot-long for a person in need or the person behind you in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s or another fast foot establishment.

Let’s be honest… Life is tough, bills suck and we’re all going through our own struggles. Today is your time to make a difference in someone’s day by giving just a little more effort. The smallest things can mean the most to someone at the right time.

It is also Ash Wednesday, signifying the start of Lent and the beginning of the 46-day countdown to Easter. Ash Wednesday is observed by Christians as a holy day of fasting and praying.

During Lent the faithful set aside certain bodily comforts, they may settle into an attitude of penitence, recognizing their past sins and the sacrifice that Jesus made to cleanse them of those sins. The physical expression of the day, administered by priests and pastors, is palm ashes on the head, either sprinkled onto the scalp or smudged in crucifix form onto the forehead.

Thursday is National Drink Wine Day. Spend some quality time with your wine-drinking partner in crime as you enjoy a glass or two of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay. 

Wine has been a staple in human culture since its invention in 7000 BC.

These days, hundreds of types of wine are produced all over the world, so there’s an endless variety to choose from.

We finish the week off with a sweet slice of pie on National Cherry Pie Day on Friday.

With all its fruity, buttery goodness, we have our forks ready to devour this delicious dessert in all its forms – homemade or store-bought everything is better with pie.

Saturday is National Love Your Pet Day. Pet owners love their four-legged pals but make sure that Saturday is an extra special day for them – they deserve it.

There are many things that differentiate humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, but one of the more unusual behaviors is our longstanding tendency to keep other animals as pets and their undaunting devotion to their human counterparts. Gallup reports that sixty percent of Americans are current pet owners.

Top Five Interesting Insights About Pets and Their Parents

  • 12% of Americans let their pet or pets sleep in bed with them.
  • 10% of Americans talk to their pet in a special voice.
  • 10% of Americans consider their pet to be their best friend.
  • 9% of Americans let their pet eat table scraps.
  • 4% of Americans say they probably post too many photos of their pet on social media.