Bedford Snow Angel Clears the Path for Neighbors

(BEDFORD) – Bedford Police Officer Mark “Cotton” Duncan retired from the department in 2006. However, retirement has not slowed down his service within the community.

Cotton Duncan retired Bedford Police Officer spent many hours Tuesday morning taking care of his neighborhood.

Duncan continues to serve those around him.

On Tuesday, Duncan spent more than three hours clearing multiple sidewalks and driveways around his neighborhood. He made sure to clear sidewalks and drive ways of those whom are elderly or have health issues. It’s estimated within his three hours of clearing several blocks, he cleared nearly thirty driveways.

“I try to look out for those in my neighborhood, some are elderly and cannot get out like most of us can,” said Duncan.

Duncan estimated snow accumulation in his neighborhood to measure up to 10 inches in snow drifted areas.

Neighbors appreciated Duncan’s effort to clear sidewalks and drive-ways.

For the last six years, Duncan has been emplyed by Crowders Pharmacy, and conitinues to work on many projects for his church. Many from the neighborhood appreciate Mark’s efforts and service he has provided them, not only this week, but also throughout the many years of him doing so.

Digging Out From The Storm:

Lawrence County residents and business owners started digging out from the storm early this morning, clearing sidewalks and driveways and clearing off vehicles.

Several businesses, government offices, and schools were closed after snow blanketed Lawrence County.

More winter weather is still in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday which will add an additional 2 to 4 inches of snow, according to forecasters.

Bedford Street Crews work to remove the large amount of snow around the square on Tuesday.

Bedford Street Department removed huge snow mounds around the courthouse square today. Crews worked several hours clearing the city streets and are making preparations for yet another predicted snowstorm that could arrive on Wednesday.

Reported snow fall totals from the Monday winter snowstorm of local areas varied. Obtaining accurate snow fall totals proved difficult due to snow drifting. Snow fall totals within each reported area may vary.

  • Bedford – 6.5 inches
  • Brownstown – 9 inches
  • Bloomfield- 8 inches
  • Bloomington – 7 inches
  • Columbus – 7 inches
  • Campbellsburg – 6.7 inches

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