North Lawrence Career Center Unveils New Branding

(BEDFORD) – For the first time since its establishment in 1970, the North Lawrence Career Center underwent a formal rebranding process to create an updated logo, color palette and overall brand guideline.

The Career Center unveiled its new look to faculty and staff Friday afternoon.

The new brand is a result of a collaborative effort that featured input from faculty, staff, students, parents, employers, community leaders through various channels including a focus group, public survey and executive interviews.

The data collected revealed there was a significant desire for the Career Center to have a reimagined brand that better represented its current strengths and future potential.

The project was fully-funded through a grant provided by the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council Workforce Coalition, and comes at a monumental time, as the Career Center celebrates its 50th anniversary this school year.

“We are thrilled to share the new look and feel of the Career Center,” said Kristina Baker, North Lawrence Career Center counselor. “This has been an extensive and rewarding process, as we made an intentional effort to honor our past while celebrating the future. It’s exciting to see it all come together.”

The new logo features a symbol design of diverging lines to demonstrate the multiple pathways students may pursue when they enter the Career Center, throughout their time there and upon graduation. The brand was designed to be modern, inviting and versatile to welcome the various changes taking place, while paying tribute to the Career Center’s roots and history.

In 2020, the Career Center approved and began implementing a strategic plan to guide the direction and set goals for the next five years and beyond. Since then, significant improvements have been made to a number of programs including updates to technology and equipment as well as Career Center organization and culture.

In addition to the rebranding effort, a significant part of the strategic plan includes a marketing initiative to help communicate these program updates and new opportunities made available to students.

Additionally, there is a strong need for an overall general awareness push to help educate Career Center communities, informing them of the various hands-on programs offered to students, certifications that can be earned, and potential pathways either into the workforce or furthering education post-graduation. This new brand will be instrumental in effectively marketing these initiatives and increasing Career Center participation as well as enhancing perception.

The North Lawrence Career Center has been serving students in Lawrence County and surrounding communities for the past 50 years, providing a hands-on learning experience and opportunities for career exploration. Throughout that time, there have been many changes in the Career and Technical Education industry including a shift from traditional vocational training in trades, to a more holistic career pathway approach that offers students more than ever before.

The rebranding looks to appreciate the evolution and encompass the new direction of the Career Center.