Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Has New Tablets for Inmates

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office announced the introduction of the JP6S tablets for incarcerated individuals, made available through their partnership with Securus Technologies. 

The tablets will provide individuals incarcerated in Lawrence County with new communications and entertainment options, as well as free education and re-entry tools to help prepare them for their release.

Users can subscribe to a low-cost monthly SecureView MakeMine subscription on any JP6S tablet, which gives users access to their unique account so they can enjoy the premium content they purchased and the communications shared with loved ones, in addition to free education and re-entry resources including KA Lite videos, eBooks, JobView and more.

The program helps improve facility efficiencies by allowing the incarcerated to place calls on their tablets instead of waiting in line for static telephones and they can communicate with family and friends through e-messaging. 

Sheriff Mike Branham

“It’s important to us that we create opportunities for our incarcerated population to improve and rehabilitate themselves while serving time so they can be successful once released,” said Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham.  “Securus’ tablet technology not only keeps loved one connected but it also puts valuable betterment resources in the fingertips of the incarcerated – which should be a priority for any corrections institution.”

The tablets are designed for the unique correctional environment, meaning they are equipped with shatterproof glass for added security, additional security screws and double shield casing to prevent misuse, and can only connect to a secure and private network to only allow functions approved by the hosting facility.

Nancy Salisbury

“Our new engagement with Lawrence County will allow individuals to take advantage of the latest technology to stay connected with loved ones, better themselves through our re-entry and educational programming, and access a library of entertainment options,” said Nancy Salisbury, Senior Vice President of Large Accounts, Securus Technologies. “We look forward to continuing to deepen our relationship with the County to provide correctional staff and incarcerated individuals alike with the tools they need to make the facility as safe and modern as possible.”

Each tablet has a seven-inch touchscreen with earbud headphones. The tablets provide up to 32GB of storage with a 13-hour battery life that can play up to 40 music hours and comes equipped with a 1280 x 800 screen. All communication technology is monitored for safety purposes, a standard practice shared by all correctional facilities.