Springville Gym Restoration Underway

(SPRINGVILLE) – The Springville Gym restoration is now underway after the Gym Restoration Board approved the contractor for the project.

Flynn & Sons began work on the Springville Gym

On January 18, 2021 the Gym Restoration Board met and selected Flynn & Sons to perform the work to restore the historic gym.

On January 30, 2021, Flynn & Sons started taking down a few walls to begin the construction project.

A fire destroyed the gym back in July of 2016

Back in July of 2016, a fire destroyed the gym. The fire was ruled an arson. However, Springville residents are always resilient. The plans were, from the beginning, to build back the historical gym.

“We will not give up, nor will we quit, until another usable building once again receives, families, friends, and neighbors inside, creating more memories for future generations,” according to Springville Trustee Bob Phillips who said that was a promise of the Gym Restoration Board.

Photo provided by Bob Phillips

Plans were to keep the sandstone building the same as before, however, due to the damage the decision was made to keep the sandstone up to 12 feet and the rest would have to be torn down.

Brent Conner was the project engineer who helped lead the Gym Restoration Board through the permits and design process of the new community center.

Undated photo shows the Springville School and Gym. Photo provided by Lonnie Jones

The Gym Restoration board met continuously and waited on the permits from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Department of Homeland Security State Fire Marshal’s office.

Photo of the Springville Gym interior following an earlier restoration project prior to the fire. Photo provided by Marilyn Kimmel

The Springville Gym was originally constructed in 1936 by the WPA.

The Springville gym was constructed in 1936 as a WPA project. The first six feet of the stones were laid flat. Determining this process was too slow, they switched to laying them on edge. Photo provided by Marilyn Kimmel.

WBIW will continue to feature the gym and some of the histories that help make this a gem among the community.