Courthouse Plaza Repair Contractors Hired

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Commissioners hired Weddle Brothers to repair the deteriorating mason walls surrounding the roof at Courthouse Plaza. Pritchett Brothers have been chosen to repair the roof.

The Weddle Brothers submitted the lowest bid to repair the mason wall at $13,916. Pritchett Brothers submitted the lowest bid to repair the roof at $95,786.

In other business:

The commissioners approved Brian Skillman, Lawrence County human resources director’s request to update the county’s COVID-19 policy.

“Due to the county no longer receiving federal compensation to pay employees who must quarantine, employees will now have to use their PTO and or sick time up to 10 consecutive days,” Skillman added.

An employee, elected official, or contractor exposed to someone with COVID-19 must quarantine for 10 days, after five days they can take a COVID-19 test and if they are clear they can return to work after 7 days from exposure with confirmation of a negative test result.

Skillman also requested the commissioners approve a payment of $6,250 to Southern Indiana Development Corporation to be the administrator for the county to apply for the third round of COVID-19 grants from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

The commissioners approved the request. The commissioners did seek bids for the grant project, but no one submitted a bid or refused to submit a bid.

“We did ask for bids, but others neither submitted or sent a decline to submit. SIDC did our previous grants and are a good choice to do this one as well,” said Commissioner Rodney Fish

Lawrence County Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer requested the commissioners consider allowing county employees to carry over some of their vacation time.

“Many of us were unable to take our vacation days due to COVID-19,” said Luchauer. “A lot of us have vacation time that is about to run out and I just thought maybe you would consider allowing employees to carry some of that over.”

Lawrence County was also approved for a $160,000 Cyber Security Grant according to Luchauer. The county will receive the final paperwork on this grant soon for the commissioner’s signatures.

The grant will be used for data storage, firewall software, and laptop computers.