Commissioners Praise Highway Crews, Design Work Begins for Oolitic Road Bridge

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Commissioners praised the work of highway crews as they cleared county roads during two snow storms over the last few days.

“They worked 15 hours straight and then came back in to fight it again,” said Commission Rodney Fish. “They are doing good work for us.”

Crews are also cold patching roads as well as edging and ditching roads that will be paved with Community Crossing funds this spring.

In District 1, crews are working on sign replacement.

“So if you see orange paint on a sign that sign will be replaced,” Fish said.

Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc. will do the bridge design for Bridge 138 on Oolitic Road.

“The concrete deck is deteriorating,” Holmes said. “We are keeping it patched the best we can but I am contemplating submitting it for the second round of the Community Crossing grant, but to do that we first need to have a design plan and that will cost $50,000.”

Bridge 138 on Oolitic Road

The total cost to replace the deck is estimated at $750,000.