Veteran Members of Putnamville Correctional Promoted

(GREENCASTLE) – Putnamville Correctional Facility (PCF) Warden Dushan Zatecky announced the promotion of five new Correctional Caseworkers. The recently promoted Caseworkers include Frank Coverdale, Kathryn Sapp, Kelly Combs, Emily Price, Jacqueline Buchanan, and Jason Powers.

Pictured front left to right; Caseworkers Buchanan, Sapp, Combs, Powers, and Goodwin. Picture in back left to right are; Casework Manager Forquer, Caseworker Price, Caseworker Coverdale, and Unit Team Manager Treash

Each of the newly promoted staff members have developed personally by either the sacrifices they made for their country, the schooling they are pursing, or by their training within the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC).

Coverdale is a veteran staff member with a variety of trainings within the department. Prior to coming to PCF, he spent 10 years in the US Navy, graduated the Police Academy in Central Florida and worked with a mental health unit for abused children.

Kathryn Sapp, Kelly Combs, and Jacquelyn Buchanan all began their careers with IDOC between 2018-2020. All working full time while pursuing their degrees and each has proven their dedication to PCF by volunteering for more trainings, assisting with staff shortages, and working with new hires in their assigned units. Each one of these women have shown they are strong, valuable resources for PCF to have and we are excited to see their growth.

Emily Price is new to the IDOC and has an associate degree in Psychology, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice – Rehabilitative Services, and has previous work experience in probation. Ms. Price has shown that her knowledge and background will make a positive impact on her team.

Jason Powers was previously an Officer with IDOC. During his time here he became known as a positive, knowledgeable individual with a bright future. Mr. Powers was a Field Training Officer (FTO) where he assisted in developing new staff and their career growths within IDOC.

When asked about the promotions, Warden Dushan Zatecky stated, “This is a group that has demonstrated they will be great additions to the Re-Entry Division at PCF. Their prior experiences will be a great asset in their new position. They are focused individuals with a desire to seek out challenges and make positive changes.”