Loogootee Police Department Mourn Passing of K-9 Roxy

(LOOGOOTEE) – The Loogootee Police Department announced today the passing of K-9 Roxy.

K-9 Roxy was a great asset to the City of Loogootee and Martin County not only lending her nose to fighting crime but by sharing her love and dedication with her community.

Loogootee Police Department Captain Jason Hennett and his K-9 partner Roxy at a K-9 demo day at Little Scholars Daycare.

Captain Jason Hennette worked alongside Roxy for more than seven years. She was given her name by students from Loogootee when she became a member of the police department in 2014.

Roxy was used more than 175 times and was responsible for 139 arrests. Her last call was on January 15th. She was requested to walk around a vehicle and alerted to possible drugs inside. Officers seized meth and marijuana.

In January, Roxy was diagnosed with Blastomycosis, a fungal disease that infects the respiratory tract. It then spreads throughout the body and infects other organs. Beating the disease is rare.

Thought and prayers are with Capt. Hennette and his family.

“In my 20-year career as a police officer, the last 7 years have been the most fun I have had in this job,” wrote Capt. Hennette. “K-9 Roxy was my partner, my friend, a member of the community and Roxy was most of all a part of my family. Keep Heaven safe until I arrive, for God must have needed you more than our community needed you. I will bring the squeaky tennis ball, octopus, and snake when I come. Love ya Roxy!”

K-9 Roxy, End of Watch January, 25, 2021 at 1 p.m.