Bedford Plan Commission Moves Proposed Minor Subdivision Forward To Public Hearing

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Plan Commission meeting opened up with a moment of silence for David Jacobs who passed away in December. Jacobs served many years as a Plan Commission member.

The Bedford Plan Commission moved Charles Hensley’s proposal for a Minor Subdivision to the next step, a public hearing. Hensley wants to separate a lot located at 1809 12th Street into two lots.

A lot behind Former R Street Grocery will be seperated into two lots.

The lot is 60 X 150 feet and Hensely is wanting to build two 30 X 32 houses on the lot, or use them for duplexes. Travis Norman spoke about the proposal to the plan commission members.

A lot behind the former R Street Grocery which is already being converted into apartments will be split into two lots.

The former R Street grocery is also being converted into apartments. Plan Commission members asked whether there were to be any zoning changes needed for the location. The former R Street Grocery is already zoned R-3 which will allow the proposed apartments according to Brandon Woodward Bedford Plan Director.

Two 30 X 32 houses or duplexes will be built if allowed on a lot behind the former R Street Grocery. The eight parking spaces of of R Street grocery will be used for parking under the proposal.

If the structures are allowed, the existing eight parking spaces of former R Street Grocery will be used for parking. The subdivision will be named Hensley Minor Subdivision.

Plan Commission members approved Jerry Rowland’s request for a Minor-Subdivision located at 1115 James Avenue who is separating the Car Wash from the Quick Lube. Easement for the Quick Lube was added to the proposal. The proposal was approved by the Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals in December. The subdivision will be named Rowland Minor Subdivision.

Craig Turpen joins the Bedford Plan Commission as one of its newest members.

The public hearing for Carol Anderson will be re-scheduled for another date to allow time to pursue legal action to record the existing easement. Anderson is requesting a minor subdivision at 600 25th Street into three parcels.

Adam Chastain joins the Bedford Plan Commission as one of its newest members.

New officers for the Bedford Plan Commission were elected which include Bryon Buker as president, Bill McFadden as vice-president, and Brandon Woodward as Secretary. The Bedford Plan Commission welcomes two new members who include Craig Turpen and Adam Chastain.