Rumpke Customers Can Now Recycle More

(MEDORA) – Rumpke Waste & Recycling customers can now fill their recycling carts with even more material.

Starting this month, customers can toss yogurt containers, fruit cups, butter tubs, sour cream tubs, cottage cheese tubs and whipped topping tubs in recycling carts with other bottles, cans, cardboard, cartons and paper.

“As a leader in recycling, Rumpke recycles more than one billion pounds of material annually,” said Steve Sargent, Rumpke’s Director of Recycling. “There has been a lot of recent innovations in plastic recycling that are allowing for this expansion of our acceptable items list.”

Like with other items accepted in Rumpke’s recycling programs, Rumpke has secured long-term contracts with stable, regional end users for this material that will convert the material into new plastic containers. Currently, 95% of Rumpke’s collected recyclables go to domestic end users, with the vast majority destined for end users in the Midwest.

“Rumpke appreciates the work The Recycling Partnership is doing in terms of circularity and joining manufacturers, recycling operators and end users to develop solutions to recycle more material,” said Jeff Snyder, Rumpke recycling senior manager. 

Also driving the change is a grant from The Recycling Partnership’s Polypropylene Recycling Coalition that is aiding Rumpke with installation of additional recycling equipment to help better sort tubs from other recyclables and with educating customers about the new acceptable items.

“Through the Polypropylene Recycling Coalition, we are rapidly driving meaningful, measurable change by awarding grants to Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) that will improve and increase the capture of polypropylene,” said Sarah Dearman, Vice President of Circular Ventures, The Recycling Partnership. “We congratulate Rumpke on their recent grant award from the Polypropylene Recycling Coalition and their quick work to get their polypropylene recycling program running and look forward to our continued partnership to encourage residents to recycle more, better.”

Rumpke customers can recycle the following items:

  • Plastic bottles, jugs and tubs (butter, sour cream, cottage cheese tubs as well as yogurt and fruit and yogurt cups)
  • Cartons
  • Glass bottles and jars (any color)
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Paper, paper board (cereal boxes, 12-pack containers, mail, etc.) and cardboard

All items should be clean, empty and placed in recycling containers loose to ensure they can be properly sorted and recycled. For more information on recycling, visit