Chris Shaw Will Be President Mitchell Community Schools

(MITCHELL) – The Mitchell Community School Board of Trustees reorganized for the upcoming year in 2021 during its meeting Monday evening.

Chris Shaw was elected president, Patrick Redman vice-president and Crystal Mikels was elected secretary.

Left to right : Crystal Mikels Secretary, Patrick Redman vice-president, Chris Shaw President and Brent Comer the Mitchell Board of Trustees reorganized the board for 2021.

The school board will be paid an annual stipend of $2,000 in addition to $90 for each regular/special meeting and $50 for each committee meeting. Each board member will be paid mileage of 50 cents and will be paid once a year for the meetings they attend.

The Mitchell School Board appointed Mrs. Brooking, Dr. Comer and Ms. Jones to represent the Board of Trustees on the Mitchell Community School Insurance committee.

The school board appointed Dr. Brent Comer as the local education officer and will also be authorized to sign applications for federal grants but not be given any additional compensation.

Greg Pittman will represent the Mitchell Community Schools as attorney for 2021. A retainer of $2,000 and a fee of $150 hour will be paid for his services.

Conflicts of interest was also identified by school employees and school board members for the upcoming year.

The Times Mail was approved to print public notices, such as bid notices, for the school cooperation.

The school corporation approved their meeting dates for the year to remain the same which will be the second Monday of each month. The school board also approved the 2021-2022 Student Calendar for the year.

Mitchell Community Schools Student Calendar 2021-2022

  • August 2nd – Teacher In service – Bus Driver Orientation
  • August 3rd – Staff Development
  • August 4th – Student First Day
  • September 6th – Labor Day – No School
  • October 1st – End Of First Grading Period
  • October 6th – No School – Parent/Teacher Conference
  • October 11th-15th – Fall Break – No School
  • November 24-26 Thanksgiving – No School
  • December 21 – Last Student Day before Christmas Break – End of Second Grading Period, End of First Semester
  • January 4th – First student day of second semester
  • January 17th – No School/Make up day
  • February 21st – No School/Make up day
  • March 11th – End of Third Grading Period
  • March 21-25 – Spring Break – No School
  • April 15th – No School /Make -Up Day
  • May 6 – No School/Make -Up Day
  • May 20th – Commencement – (Tentative)
  • May 20th – Last Student Day – End of Second Semester – Pending No make up days
  • May 23rd – Teachers Records Day

In other business:

  • Mitchell School board also approved a 25 cent raise for all non-certified staff and approved a contract for Occupational and Physical Therapy for the 2021 -2022 School year.
  • The administrator contracts have been extended for one year, and a Memorandum of Understanding for COVID-19 Related missed time was approved for 80 hours for teachers who have to miss because of COVID_19 related issues. This will break down to approximately 10 missed days.
  • The next COSMOS meeting will be held on January 26th at 5:00 p.m. at the Orleans High School cafeteria.

The following personnel changes were approved:


  • Alex Granman – Hatfield Aide – Resignation – Effective December 23, 2020
  • Sheryl Walton – Burris ParaProfessional – Retirement – Effective January 5,2021

Leave Requests – Rebecca Knight – Mitchell High School English/Language Arts Teacher – From March 29th to the begining of the 2021-2022 School year.

Extra – Curricular Employment:

  • Fred Cassidy – Mitchell Junior-High School Coach for 2020-2021 School year