Eat At Wings & Rings On Monday, Dec. 14th To Help Raise Funds For Salvation Army

(BEDFORD) – With fewer Red Kettles this year, the Salvation Army needs your support more than ever.

On Monday, December 14th stop by Wings & Rings and have a meal. The restaurant is donating 5 percent of the daily proceeds to the Salvation Army.

And make sure if you see a Red Kettle to drop in your spare change!

Volunteer Jim McCreery says, “the COVID-19 coronavirus global outbreak is affecting hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers faced with reduced work hours, hungry children out of school, and unexpected financial and emotional strains on their households and this is affecting donations.”

Kayley Russell, Ministry Specialist for the Salvation Army has organized a Gofundme drive to raise money for the Salvation Army. Her goal is to raise $5,000.

“Our red kettles are out and slowly bringing in donations. We are trying new ways to generate funds that are desperately needed for our community,” said Russell. “All funds collected will stay in our community. Please help if you can.”