Oolitic Town Council Votes For Trash Fee Increase

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Town Council voted to increase the trash fees to $10 during their meeting on Monday evening.

Discussion on the increase took place over several months. The town council approved the motion by Dirk Sears with a 5-0 vote.

In other business, the White River Humane Society will give out vouchers to spray/neuter cats for $10. The Town of Oolitic has been facing a feral cat problem with several residents complaining about the issue. Town employees will place out traps on request.

On November 19th, town officials and residents met with CommonWealth about stormwater issues at Hall and Mathias streets. CommonWealth listened to their concerns and residents provided photos and videos of issues they were having during the visit. CommonWealth will develop a plan to deal with these issues and will submit it to the town council.

The town council authorized Zac Bell from the street department to start looking at replacing a truck that was damaged in an accident earlier in the year. The council authorized a purchase of up to $13,000. Bell will be looking at several options such as 4 wheel drive and other options to fit the town’s needs.

Town officials will start looking at options for a special camera to look for issues within the sewer system. This will provide efficiency in locating problems quicker and without causing further damage to property in trying to locate leaks and other issues.

The town council approved the salary ordinance for 2021. There were no changes or pay increases for town employees during this budget year.

The town council also approved a fire contract with the Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department in the amount of $34,750.

The town council thanked Jessica Staggs for her work as clerk treasurer over the years.

The town council thanked Clerk Treasurer Jessica Staggs for her work over the last several years.

“This is a bittersweet moment for the council as you will be leaving, but we are glad to welcome Annette Norrick who has strong connections with the Town of Oolitic,” said Dirk Sears, President of Oolitic Town Council.

The town council voted to authorize a $20 per hour salary for Staggs to act as an independent contractor, which is not to exceed 40 hours a week for the next month. This contract will allow support and training to Annette Norrick when she starts this month as clerk-treasurer.