Bedford City Council Votes On Animal Nuisance Ordinance

(BEDFORD) – City of Bedford Council members voted on second passage of an animal nuisance ordinance Monday night.

The ordinance is expected to pass at their next scheduled meeting.

The change to the ordinance mostly dealt with item number 6 in the new ordinance.

Here is a look at the ordinance:

A public nuisance animal shall mean and include the following that:

  1. Is repeatedly found at large
  2. Damages property of anyone other than the owner
  3. A declared a potentially dangerous or dangerous animal
  4. Attacks without provocation
  5. Excessively makes disturbing noises, including but not limited to, continued repeated howling, barking, whining, or other utterances causing unreasonable disturbance or discomfort to neighbors or others in close proximity to the premises where the animal is kept.
  6. Creates unsanitary conditions or offensive and objectionable odors in enclosures or surroundings and thereby creates an unreasonable disturbance to neighbors or others in close proximity to the premises where the animal is kept;
  7. is not kept conformity with city zoning ordinance; or
  8. Molests passers-by or passing vehicles.

B) Any such public nuisance animal may be impounded and/or owner charged for a violation of this chapter.

There was no other business before the council, however council members asked for updates on various projects and matters.

  • Work on the Red Brick is on hold while the additional damage that was located is being assessed.
  • No bids received on the lots of the Bedford Development Center, Also, Wellness Real Estate has 60 days to accept the Bedford Development Center before the final purchase of the building and three lots.
  • Questions were asked in regards to the cancellation of the Bedford Christmas Parade and the city allocations to BRI. The city gives BRI $4,000 in non-restricted funds.
  • Christmas lighting has been put up at City Hall, Stonegate, and Depot with the hopes of having all the lighting in place by December 5th.