IU Associate Professor Murray McGibbon Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

(BLOOMINGTON) – A theatre professor at Indiana University has resigned as he faces sexual harassment allegations from alumni.

Associate professor Murray McGibbon resigned Friday.

Associate professor Murray McGibbon

Four alumni came forward claiming McGibbon’s sexual misconduct dates back to 2008.

One of the women said when she auditioned for a play, McGibbon had the women line up in bikinis. Both of the male students said McGibbon gave them special roles in shows, invited them to his house, offered to take them on trips, and told them he loved them.

IU’s Office of Institutional Equity “received new allegations and began a new investigation, placing the faculty member on administrative leave,” wrote spokesperson Chuck Carney in an email. “Indiana University takes very seriously any and all reports of sexual misconduct, including harassment and discrimination, and we continue to respond promptly and appropriately when such misconduct is brought to our attention.” 

“IU imposed several disciplinary sanctions on the faculty member deemed appropriate based on the information known at the time,” added Carney. “With the faculty member’s departure from the university, the formal investigation is closed but the Office of Institutional Equity will continue to look into and respond to allegations brought to our attention.”