Batchelor Video Production/ Business & Information Technology Class Celebrating 25 Years

(BLOOMINGTON) – This year the Batchelor Video Production / Business & Informational Technology class, otherwise known as B-TV, and their teacher Jeff Rudkin on celebrating 25 Years.

B-TV is an international award winning program. The class examines all aspects of producing videos and other types of technology presentations. 
Students learn video production technique, editing, screenplay and script writing, storyboarding, and the business aspect of filmmaking. 

The B-TV Story: “Journey to the Mountaintop”

Students produce a weekly newscast, original screenplays, documentaries, PSA’s, original music videos, and a video yearbook. They also may produce photography projects and websites. The students must market their projects by creating advertisements, movie posters, movie trailers, and must “pitch” their projects. Students must write a screenplay or produce a finished video project every six weeks.

Jeff Rudkin

B-TV students have won more than 600 state, national, and international awards since 2001 for their projects. Here is a film about the history of B-TV and the many honors and awards the group has won.

Image from 2010 for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz ceremony in Poland.

Another activity B-TV participates in is skyping with classes from Bourne Community College in Southbourne, England and Murrays Bay Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand.

They have taken students to Bourne Community College on exchange trips three times, and Bourne students have visited Batchelor twice. The exchange trips are one week in length.

They are now also skyping with a class from Morocco and hope to add more countries soon.